Why UKRunCat?

This could be a very long story as it started in 2011… but I will try to keep it brief.

When I did my first race, the Great North Run in 2011 I was struck by how many participants were in fancy dress and by how much fun it looked. Well, how much fun the amount of support they got was anyway! I decided then that I would do it in costume at some point in the future.

Fast forward three years and the preparation for the Great North Run 2014 was not going to plan, I had achieved my target of a sub 2 hour half marathon the previous year and knew that I was highly unlikely to beat it now. I thought a great excuse for not getting better was getting dressing up.

20140906_110820_14968164849_oI found a couple costumes that appealed and put it to a Twitter vote… it was to be
JogDog or the personification of UKRunChat‘s mascot RunCat. It was close but in the end, the cat took the honours so I ordered a tiger costume. Ironic really as I’m a dog lover.

Prior to the race I didn’t train in the costume, this was an error & if you plan to do a 20140907_080340_14977622387_orace dressed up I would advise doing some training runs in advance. When the day of the Great North Run finally came round it was hot. Incredibly hot. I discovered very quickly that the inside of the head was too close to my mouth & the opening was too small so I couldn’t breathe very well. I got to Tyne Bridge before the head came off, but I had very nearly passed out from the heat so it needed to. Sadly it then remained off for much of the run but I got a lot of support & ‘admiration’ as I was still completing it in unprecedented heat in a furry jumpsuit. It was slow, it was hard & it was very VERY hot but it was fun. A lot of fun.

So I was RunCat.

I carried out a few adjustments to the suit & have since completed The Great South Run and The London Marathon in full costume featuing on The Daily Mail and JustGiving sites as well as making an appearance at the UKRunChat weekend.

UKRunCat in action

UKRunCat in action


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