SKINS DNAmic Compression

09192bd8-f00d-40f2-912d-352a520a3497-jpg-_cb273066210__sr970300_What they say:

SKINS new DNAmic range combines compression with vibrant designs to create the ultimate active wear for athletes looking to increase their training intensity. Featuring SKINS revolutionary Dynamic Gradient Compression and a variety of garments to choose from, the SKINS DNAmic range is designed to power you through your warm-up to workout, whatever your sport.

DNAmic Superpose Half Tights are sure to become your new secret weapon. Combining a 4-way stretch athletic short with built in Dynamic Gradient Compression Half Tights for better performance, you’ll be able to go harder for longer in ultimate comfort. The lightweight, quick-dry outer shorts combine effortlessly with the built in compression base layer making the DNAmic Superpose Half Tights perfect for running or strength training.

Enhance your upper body performance with a SKINS DNAmic Short Sleeve Top. By supporting and stabilising the core, shoulders and biceps and wicking moisture to keep you dry, this compression top will be your go-to for under your team kit on game day. Push your upper body harder for longer without the next-day muscle ache in a SKINS DNAmic Short Sleeve Top.

What I say:

I’ve been an avid user of compression gear for the majority of the time I’ve been running, I’m aware that there remains some debate as to the actual benefits of compression but if nothing else I find it more comfortable to wear & being close to the skin should assist any wicking properties. Well the legwear anyway, I’ve generally found compression tops too constrictive which has made it more difficult for me to breathe whilst running.

So when SKINS provided their new DNAmic Superpose half tights to test I couldn’t wait to get out & give them a try, unfortunately the first opportunity to run after I received them was Day 1 of the Pilgrims Challenge – 33 miles along the North Downs Way. Now I know you shouldn’t try new stuff on race day but I just couldn’t resist so it was these I pulled on in the morning.

SKINS DNAmic Superpose half tights are actually 4 way stretch lightweight outer shorts with SKINS Dynamic Gradient Compression Half Tights built in, I have used several pairs of 2 in 1 or Twin Skin shorts and the SKINS Superpose have more noticeable compression than the others, combined with a nice soft feel to the material of the inner short and with no invasive seams they are very comfortable but to be safe I wore my Chaffree Boxers underneath.

I finished the first day slowly but without difficulty and most importantly with no major aches, pains or chaffing. It is impossible to say that it is down to the shorts and I certainly don’t feel the increase in oxygen delivery, decrease in lactic acid build up  or reduction in muscle vibrations but I was surprisingly comfortable and I was amazed how good my legs felt the next morning.


I was so impressed that I pulled them on again for the 33 mile run back on Day 2 making the possibly rash decision to wear the DNAmic short sleeve top too. I took it easy to start but felt more comfortable again as the day wore on having no issues breathing in the top, it didn’t ride up at all thanks to the silicon grip around the waist and I felt warm and dry all day. I can’t be certain the compression did what it was designed for but I had less lower back pain than usual & little shoulder ache so I’m not certainly complaining.

So does SKINS DNAmic Compression kit help you go faster for further? I don’t know, but what I can say for certain is I did the 33 miles back on the second day just 3 minutes slower than the first and still had the legs to run strongly to the finish line. Something I am very happy with.

Would I recommend this gear? Well, it’s laying out ready for tomorrow’s race so I suppose so.

Edit: Since originally writing this review of the SKINS DNAmic compression wear the Superpose Half Tights have become my go to running shorts and I completed 7 further ultra marathons in them in 2016. The SKINS DNAmic Short Sleeve Top still makes the odd appearance but generally as a base layer on colder days.




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