The Official Montane Spine Race Film

What they say:

Simply put it is the story of Britain’s most brutal race.  Follow the athletes as they get to grips mentally and physically with The Spine Race 2015, as they learn to cope with sleep deprivation, the threat of hypothermia, the highs and lows, experience the incredible & unique camaraderie, the relationships that develop and the life changing experience, which is The Spine Race.

Summit Fever Media is a small independent adventure film company based in North Yorkshire, UK. The team consists of Ellie & Matt who own Summit Fever Media and we have Jez and Jamie, two of our crack team of freelancers. Within the team we have two drones, which will be able to give incredible footage of the wild areas of Britain, from a perspective rarely seen before.

We have worked on The Spine Race for the past two years, building up relationships with runners who are returning in 2015, the organisers and support team, and knowledge of the course.2015-09-05 15.22.50-1

What I say:

Have you noticed that cinema’s these days are full of movies about super heroes, from Avengers to X-Men and everything in between? Well, this is the chronicle of a completely different breed of real life super heroes.

As they say “simply put it is the story of Britain’s most brutal race” told by following the competitors as they progress through the race. This however doesn’t capture the essence of what it is about. Matt & Ellie skilfully capture the bleakness & beauty of the Pennine Way in January. Merged with the sparse soundtrack of nature at its wildest, the film manages to portray some sense of the extremely challenging conditions the racers are battling.

Throughout you view or are told about what makes this race (& the film) special… the people involved. It cleverly blends action with interviews not just with the competitors, but all those that make the race happen or the volunteers that help & support. The GoPro camera’s given to some of the competitors give a glimpse into the mind of the competitors & the trials, tribulations & thought processes they go through. These recordings  combined with the footage from check points provide a number of inspiring, poignant or amusing moments, one of the key things that struck me when watching this film (other than the wind) is the humour the runners and volunteers maintain.

I was lucky enough to see this film at the Like The Wind Magazine London Premiere & must add, if you have the opportunity to view it on a large screen then it’s well worth the effort, The impact of the conditions is that much greater than the small screen & as they’re currently on tour, they should be coming to a venue near you soon.2015-08-12 21.43.44The Spine Race bills itself as Britain’s most brutal race. It takes in the entire 268 miles of the Pennine Way from Edale to Kirk Yetholm non-stop in the middle of winter. And as the heroes undertaking this have a time limit of just 7 days, I for one am not going to argue with this.

So I end with a solemn warning.

Regardless of the clear brutality shown in all its gory glory by this film, if like me you enjoy a challenge, the second those credits begin you’ll be searching to find out how you go about entering…


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